Covid - 19 Update May 15, 2020

Published by Lakeview Boosters
May 16, 2020

Dear LV Families,

We wanted to send a quick update to all of you now that the SAH Orders are being eased statewide. We are awaiting guidance from NORDC on when we will be able to reopen and at what capacity we will be able to reopen.

To be clear as we have been all along...we are PLANNING to play baseball, T-Ball and Cabbageball this Summer! Right now we have no official guidance or permission to open our facilities so for now they will remained closed for use.

What we are making plans for is a return to play beginning mid June and playing through the month of JULY. That will give us a lot of baseball and I know everyone is excited for that. If we are forced to delay that time line we will simply cut that week of games off and start when the allow us to.

We feel like our mid June target is in line with other areas and hopefully NORDC is on that path as well. You can look for more info to come as we get it moving forward.

We look forward to seeing all of you (even of it's behind a mask and from a distance) very soon.



P.S. - LV will be holding back $25 per player on any refunds requested to help cover expenses incurred thus far this year.  They include insurance, field maintenance, Uniforms ordered (minimal), repairs to facilities, etc.